Scotland: Women and girls football figures double over five years

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The number of women and girls playing football in Scotland has almost doubled in the last five years, according to figures from the Scottish FA and Scottish Women's football.

The total registered with the governing bodies has increased from 7,126 in 2014-15 to 14,071 in 2018-19.

On Tuesday, a record crowd of 18,555 watched Scotland women beat Jamaica.

And First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says women's football needs equal grassroots investment to the men's game.

Sturgeon says football's governing bodies "need to be very serious about investing in the development of the women's game, just as much as we do in the development of the men's game."

She added: "That involves working with young girls in schools, making sure there's the right support structures and development opportunities."

The 3-2 Hampden victory over Jamaica was the final friendly for Shelley Kerr's side before making theirWorld Cup finals debut in France this month.

Scotland topped their qualifying section with seven wins from eight. They begin their group campaign against England, ranked number three in the world, 17 places above the Scots, on 9 June in Nice.

"How Scotland does overall in terms of international rankings, performance at these major competitions, I think we have to see that in the round," Sturgeon added in the BBC Scotland documentary, Scotland's Heroes - The Road To France.

"But that's not to say we shouldn't be absolutely determined to beat England in the opening match of the World Cup."

Midfielder Erin Cuthbert, a key player for head coach Kerr, is proud to be an inspiration for the next generation of Scottish talent as she prepares to grace the world stage.

"I believe young girls in our local areas all have role models now," the 20-year-old said. "I get little messages on Instagram and I get people asking me to visit their training.

"It's really special to know you have that impact. I take that with great importance and really enjoy it."

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