Bury: Director Matt McCarthy hopeful Steve Dale can agree deal to sell club

Gigg Lane, Bury
Bury finished second in League Two to win promotion to the third tier

Bury director Matt McCarthy is hopeful that a deal can be agreed for owner Steve Dale to sell the club.

The future of the financially-troubled Shakers was discussed at a fans' forum event in Whitefield on Tuesday.

McCarthy also conceded his relationship with Dale has become "slightly strained" as they try to find a buyer.

"Steve has rightly given the guys the breakdown of what his outlook is for the club and what his intentions are," McCarthy told BBC Radio Manchester.

"Hopefully he has the plan to sort everything out. If he does, that's great.

"We share a different opinion on certain things, as most businessmen do as directors. I own my other company with my fiancee and we don't necessarily agree every day and you could find 100 people here who don't necessarily agree with what their boss is saying.

"The main thing is that everyone's trying to worry about is that Bury's got to stay here for a while to come and that's what we're trying to do."

Fans' group considers bid for Bury

Bury celebrate promotion
Bury boss Ryan Lowe (centre) was given permission to speak to managerless Plymouth Argyle earlier this month

In a statement last week, Dale said he hoped that the issues which caused players to call for him to sell can be resolved.

Dale put the Shakers - who have been promoted to League One - up for sale in April following a campaign that was accompanied by a number of financial issues, including a winding-up petition over unpaid tax that has been adjourned until 19 June.

Non-playing staff were paid their March salaries earlier this month and received 50% of their April wages on 20 May, while the Professional Footballers' Association have paid half of the money owed to players for the two months.

Offers have been made for the club but nothing has yet been finalised.

Dave Giffard, head of the Forever Bury Supporters' Trust, believes there is a "genuine fear" that Bury could go bust and a phoenix club may be needed, and confirmed they are considering their own bid.

"Fans can't do it - we can put pressure on but we can't do it ourselves," said Giffard.

"The only way this can be sorted at the moment is somebody either to back us or come in and buy the club. To facilitate that, you need a chairman who is willing to sell.

"It's getting to the point now where we would like to test him by putting something in, but since we mooted that point, one of the potential buyers has hinted that they might back us.

"Until we have further meetings with those, I don't know. One way or another, we'll probably put an offer in, fully expecting it to be turned down."

McCarthy added: "The main thing is that everybody here cares about Bury Football Club.

"That's what I knew from day one and that's what I'll know in 20 years' time. There have been donations to staff and I want to thank them for the reception they gave to me.

"I am a director and I am part of the responsibility, but also I'm trying - as everyone else is - to try to fix it."

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