Man Utd: Giant sausage thrown at disabled section during West Ham game

Paris St-Germain fans clash with stewards at Old Trafford in February
Paris St-Germain fans damaged netting at Old Trafford in February

A giant sausage was among items thrown into the disabled section at Old Trafford by West Ham fans during the Premier League game on 13 April.

Manchester United have experienced problems protecting supporters in that area of the ground, particularly against Paris St-Germain in February.

Fans ripped the netting, designed to stop missiles entering the area, during their Champions League visit.

Talks are ongoing in order to find a long-term solution to the problem.

The disabled section at Old Trafford is situated directly below the away fans' section in the south east corner of the stadium and at a recent fans' forum, a Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association representative highlighted the scale of the issue.

They said: "The West Ham game resulted in a number of missiles being thrown into the disabled section. These included plastic clubs filled with liquid, cigarette lighters and various items of food, including a giant sausage."

Also at the forum, United revealed that, despite last season's disappointing sixth-place finish, they sold all 52,000 season tickets in record time and it is understood 75,000 people are on the club's season ticket waiting list.

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