Paul McGowan: Dundee man says some have been unable to take criticism

Dundee midfielder Paul McGowan
Paul McGowan says this is the first season he's not enjoyed in his career

Dundee midfielder Paul McGowan says some players at the club have not been able to handle criticism during a "horrible" season.

Dundee have been relegated from the Scottish Premiership after picking up just 21 points in 37 games so far.

The 31-year-old says the responsibility falls with the players, as well as sacked boss Jim McIntyre.

"Both the players and the manager have to take huge responsibility for what's been happening," McGowan said.

"Us as players, we've got to take the criticism, it's not nice - some of us are big enough to take it, some have not been able to handle it.

"There's probably only one player who I would single out for praise this season, and it's Nathan Ralph - he's the only player I would give pass marks to. We've let the fans down, we've let the managers who have picked us down, and we've let ourselves down. It's been horrible."

McGowan, who faces his first relegation as a player after five years with the club, says turnover of managers and players has not helped the team.

He has called for more stability at the club, after a season in which Neil McCann was sacked eight games into the campaign.

"It's probably the first season I've not enjoyed in my career - I think it's been hard for a lot of boys," added McGowan.

"I think the club need to get a bit of stability, there has been too many turnover of players in my time here. It's eight in, eight out. There's never been that consistency, gelling together. I'm not saying that's the problem but it's not helping the team.

"We need to dust ourselves down and hopefully we can start rebuilding again - it's going to take, a massive rebuilding job. You talk about new stadiums and stuff like that, but I'd rather have a steady ship, competing week in, week out. It's going to be tough to get out of the Championship, but we need to for the club to move forward."

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