The Man United fan with Man City's Aguero on his replica shirt?

A Manchester United fan wearing an Aguero shirt at Old Trafford.
Leonard Aguero travelled from Melbourne to watch Man Utd's defeat to Cardiff

A Manchester United fan with 'Aguero' on the back of his shirt? Really?

Well, it's true. One man at Sunday's defeat by Cardiff wore his club's colours... but with the surname of Manchester City striker Sergio on the back.

After spotting it and capturing the proof, journalist Si Lloyd tweeted the image with the words: "Just delete this club."

It turns out there was a bit of a misunderstanding though…

This wasn't an attempt at a joke or, as many thought, a United fan taking his support for City over Liverpool in the Premier League title race a bit too far.

It turns out this Red Devils supporter is actually called Leonard Aguero.

Journalist Si Lloyd with Leonard Aguero.
Si Lloyd soon realised the reason 'Aguero' was on the fan's back...

And it turns out he's not the only one who has been in such an unenviable position...

A tweet from a Leeds fan
A Leeds fan with Barnsley in his name? That won't go unnoticed...
A tweet from a Man Utd fan.
A United fan called Lampard? Uh oh...
A tweet from a Chelsea fan.
A knowing assessment from Chelsea fan Joe Rooney...
A tweet from a football fan about his friend.
Not your average friend, Luigi!

They certainly saw the funny side too. Welcome to Twitter, Leonard…

A tweet from Manchester United fan Leonard Aguero.
Aguero (not that one) took it all in good spirit


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