Dundee: 'It's not normal, it's not right' - Neil McCann on manager sackings

Jim McIntyre
Jim McIntyre lasted less than a year as Dundee manager

Dundee's decision to fire two managers in one season is "not normal and not right," says Neil McCann.

McCann was sacked eight games into the league season, while Jim McIntyre lost his job on Sunday following the club's relegation to the Championship.

And another former Dundee boss, Jim Duffy, has accused the club of simply "hoping for the best".

"There doesn't seem to be a structure of where they want to go or what they want to do," said Duffy.

"If you employ a young manager and you say, 'this is where we want to go', you have to give him time. Failing that, say to a manager, 'there's a one-year contract, here's where we want to be. If you're there at the end of the season we'll keep you on'.

"But don't give him a two or three-year contract and then after a very short period of time [sack him]. You're thinking, 'what were you looking for?'

"For me, Dundee were a team that had to be in the Premiership for three or four years and then look to step forward and see if they can get to that top six. Build something rather than throw something at it and hope for the best."

'Something not right' at Dundee

Former Dens Park striker Billy Dodds says the man who replaces McIntyre, whose side beat Livingston on Sunday but had lost the previous 10 games, has a difficult task on his hands.

"Dundee is a hard club," Dodds told BBC Scotland's Sportsound. "I don't know their direction or what they term as success.

"Sometimes the fans want instant success, they think their team is better than what it actually is. The club is a difficult club to manage or be a member of staff at, because they're continually failing. There's something not right at that club."

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Highlights: Livingston 0-1 Dundee

And McCann added: "That is two managers in the space of one season, which is not normal and it's not right."

"I don't take any satisfaction at all at the club being relegated. I don't take any satisfaction from Jim losing his job because we're now going into a domain where it is absolutely a minefield and even if you do a good job you can still lose your job, you can still be sacked.

"So it's a treacherous position to take but we all take it."

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