Gillingham: League One club appeals for harpist job applicants

Two Republic of Ireland fans play the harp and the bagpipes at Euro 2016
Gillingham would not be the first team with their own harpist - the Republic of Ireland had one, as well as a bagpipes player, at Euro 2016

Retained lists, highlights montages and appeals to sign up for another campaign of watching your beloved team.

Those are the sort of things you expect a League One club to post on social media at this time of year - not a job advert for a harpist. Yes, a harpist.

Gillingham supporters could be experiencing some real culture along at Priestfield next season, and that's not a comment on the team's preferred style of play.

So, what exactly is going on then?

"We're looking at a variety of different things which will enhance the entertainment in our corporate areas for specified fixtures next season, and this is potentially one of them," a club spokesperson explained to BBC Sport.

Ok, so at the moment we probably shouldn't get too excited.

But what if this goes REALLY well? Maybe the Gills will ditch the conventional blast of music as the teams walk out of the tunnel and instead be serenaded by some Mozart, beautifully performed in the style of an 18th century court musician.

I'll stop harping on now.

Gillingham FC harpist job advert
Gillingham posted on Twitter asking for applications to play the harp at Priestfield Stadium