St Paul's win Upton after 3-0 win over Guernsey champions St Martins

Jack Cannon
St Paul's skipper Jack Cannon lifts the Upton Park Trophy for a six successive season

St Paul's have won a sixth successive Channel Islands football championship as they beat Guernsey champions St Martins 3-0 to retain the Upton.

The Jersey champions led 1-0 at half time thanks to Luke Watson's goal before Jack Boyle doubled the advantage on the other side of half time.

Adam Trotter made the game safe with a third in the final quarter for the Jersey Premiership champions.

A Guernsey side has not won an Upton since Guernsey FC started in 2011-12.

But with Jersey Bulls beginning their life in the English league system next season the likes of St Paul's are expected to lose their best players, which could make the encounter a more even affair.

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