Kjell Scherpen: New Ajax signing made to write lines in joke video

Kjell Scherpen
Kjell Scherpen will join Ajax in June

As far as punishments are concerned, bans or fines are usually the norm for footballers.

They like to do things differently at Ajax, however.

Most people were at school when they were last told to write lines...

But not Ajax's new signing Kjell Scherpen who, at the age of 19, was ordered to write "Ajax is the most beautiful club in the Netherlands" 1,000 times.

There was no time to mess about, either. Ajax's chief executive Edwin Van der Sar and football director Marc Overmars were keeping a watchful eye over the young goalkeeper.

But why?

Scherpen's boyhood club is Feyenoord - Ajax's fierce rivals. When it was announced this month he would join the club in June from FC Emmen, Ajax fans weren't happy.

It was discovered that Scherpen had bad-mouthed Ajax on social media in 2011, saying the club were "lucky".

Let's hope he has learned his lesson.

Kjell Scherpen is watched by club bosses as he writes lines
Kjell Scherpen is watched as he writes lines by Edwin van der Sar and Marc Overmars
Kjell Scherpen writes 1,000 lines
Kjell Scherpen writes lines
Edwin Van der Sar orders 100 more lines
Edwin Van der Sar orders 100 more lines by slamming his hand on the desk

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