Alfredo Morelos: Rangers' appeal against booking for diving rejected

Rangers' appeal against Alfredo Morelos' booking for diving in the Scottish Cup defeat by Aberdeen has been rejected.

Morelos, 22, was cautioned by referee Kevin Clancy during the first half of Rangers' 2-0 quarter-final loss.

The striker went down in the box, with pictures showing some contact with defender Andrew Considine.

However, at a hearing on Friday morning the claim was dismissed.

As a result, he will miss the first Scottish Cup game of next season.

How does the process work?

If clubs decide to appeal against a decision, they must prove that an obvious error has been made.

They have until 13:00 on the first working day after the match to lodge their intention to appeal, and their case must be submitted by 17:00 the next day.

The player or any other personnel cannot attend the hearings, which will be a video conference between a tribunal of trained, independent judicial panel members.

As of this season, the Scottish FA's compliance officer plays no part in the proceedings.

In cases of unseen offences of serious foul play and violent conduct, the match referee is no longer asked to provide a statement of opinion.

Instead the compliance officer asks a three-person panel to review whether a sending-off offence occurred. Only where all three individuals agree that a sending-off offence occurred will a notice of complaint be raised.

'Not a dive and not a yellow' - analysis

Former Rangers striker Steven Thompson on Sportsound

To give the referee a wee bit of leeway, from where he was, he won't have seen Considine's arm go round Morelos' neck. Definitely not a dive, definitely not a yellow card, probably should have been a penalty. Considine got away with one and you could see by his face that he realised that. I'd be surprised if it wasn't rescinded, but it wouldn't be the first time I've been surprised by a decision made by the panel.

Former Celtic striker Craig Beattie on Sportsound

It's very clear cut for me. Has his reputation preceded him? It's a red card and a penalty kick for me and, if the referee hasn't seen it, how can he bring out a yellow card?

Kilmarnock and Scotland defender Stephen O'Donnell on Sportsound

I've got sympathy for the referee because I've played against Morelos. He's always at the heart of things and maybe his reputation hasn't helped him, but the referee gets one look and has to make a quick decision.

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