'High level' Scottish referees backed by Fifa president Gianni Infantino

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'High level' Scottish referees backed by Fifa president Gianni Infantino

Scottish referees are at a "high level" but can still improve, says Fifa president Gianni Infantino.

Officials have come under increased scrutiny this season following a series of contentious decisions.

Speaking in Aberdeen at the Ifab AGM, Infantino stressed the issue of refereeing standards is raised "everywhere in the world".

"Whenever there are some mistakes, immediately there is a call that it has to change," Infantino said.

"I was in Italy a couple of days ago and at the press conference they were also complaining and saying, 'well now we introduce VAR we have to change all the referees', and I say, 'who do we put on the pitch to referee?'

"We are human beings, the referees as well, they make mistakes, we need to understand, we need to help, we need to train.

"Scotland at an international level is certainly, as far as I can see and say, at a high level. Can it improve? Of course it can improve."

'VAR making football more just'

Infantino responded to proposals to introduce VAR - video assistant referees - to Scottish football, and said if there is a wish to do so, it is certainly "feasible".

Premiership clubs, along with the Scottish FA, have all publicly voiced their desire to bring in the technology, though it is unclear how it would be financed.

"You can introduce VAR in different ways, you don't need the World Cup set-up with an average of 42 cameras and I don't know how many technicians and so on, so forth," said Infantino.

"So it is certainly feasible to introduce it to Scotland if there is a wish by the Scottish FA, the league and the clubs to introduce it.

"VAR is a success story. There are over 70 countries and competition organisers who have introduced VAR already. It is not changing football, but cleaning football, making it more just, and this is what we want."

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