Kris Boyd urges action on coins before 'something serious' happens

Kilmarnock's Kris Boyd struck by coin against Celtic

Kris Boyd fears "it will take something serious" before coin-throwing is properly tackled.

Boyd was hit by an object as he warmed up as a substitute during Kilmarnock's defeat by Celtic.

Former Hibernian head coach Neil Lennon and assistant referee Calum Spence were struck with coins earlier this season.

"It's going to take someone losing an eye or somebody being seriously injured before they do something," Boyd told BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound.

"Why not address it before it actually happens. There's an opportunity right now to go in and fix the problem.

"How we do it? I don't know. I do take that into consideration that it isn't easy to fix.

"It hit me on the elbow. It wasn't that bad of a place to hit me but if it's further down the line and someone ends up with losing an eye or someone gets hit in the head with a serious injury and you look back and you listen to what people have said for months or years before and you say, 'well, why did we not do anything about it then?'"

Boyd, a regular media pundit and newspaper columnist, was asked if he would be inclined to temper his public views.

"It's part and parcel of who I am as a person. I'm not going to change," he said.

Celtic to foot bill for seats damage - Kilmarnock

Kilmarnock released a statementexternal-link to highlight their "dismay at a number of events" during Sunday's match.

After citing the object thrown at Boyd, the Rugby Park club explained: "A number of Chadwick and Moffat Stand seats were damaged or broken while some Celtic supporters invaded the field of play and confronted our players.

"We condemn all of these incidents in the strongest possible terms and reiterate that the safety of all players, staff and supporters is paramount at all times.

"Under SPFL Rule H40, Celtic FC will be required to pay for the damage caused to Rugby Park."

'It's anti-social behaviour' - analysis

Former Hearts, Rangers and Scotland winger Neil McCann: "I've had a few things thrown at me at the corner flag but not coins. These idiots should just be banned from football for life and we need to educate the people around them. You just don't know what could happen if it struck in the right place of a head. It's just not on."

Partick Thistle and former Celtic forward Scott McDonald: "It really is anti-social behaviour. Would you accept this in any other walk of life, anywhere outside a football stadium? We certainly wouldn't. It's blighting the whole of your support by one individual. It's individuals that just don't think."

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