Blackpool manager Terry McPhillips says club 'in limbo' over receivership

Blackpool manager Terry McPhillips watches on
Blackpool are eighth in League One, 14 points clear of the relegation zone

Manager Terry McPhillips says he needs Blackpool's off-field situation "explaining properly" to him, with the club in "a little bit of limbo".

The League One side were put into receivership on Wednesday, with the English Football League to decide whether to dock them 12 points.

It forces owner Owen Oyston to pay ex-director Valeri Belokon the £25m he is owed, and could lead to a takeover.

"I don't really know what's happening," McPhillips told BBC Radio Lancashire.

"I think there's a little bit of limbo, in terms of points deductions and stuff like that - so I'm sure the players and supporters will all want to know about that."

Paul Cooper of David Rubin & Partners will take day-to-day control of the club and will meet staff early next week.

The Blackpool Gazette reported on Wednesday that the receiver - appointed by the High Court - will be asked to discharge some of Oyston's assets, plus those of Blackpool Football Club (Properties) Ltd, which owns the football club, stadium, training ground and nearby Travelodge.

The EFL said in a statement that they will "consider the matter" at their next meeting on 6 March.

McPhillips said of his players: "Some might be worried about their jobs, some might be worried about the points deduction, so they're all different and we'll just be as straight as we can.

"I think it's been looming over the football club for a number of months. Yesterday was what it was and we'll crack on and get informed about what the steps going forward are.

"This could be a big club again, and if we can get the fans coming back and someone to invest in the team, facilities, training ground and pitch, it could be exciting times ahead."