Caf to consider appeal from The Gambia over Olufade eligibility

Adewale Olufade also known as James Olufade
Adewale Olufade also known as James Olufade has played club football in both Togo and Cameroon

The Gambia Football Federation (GFF) has confirmed that the Confederation of African Football (Caf) will consider an appeal over the eligibility of Togo's Adewale Oloufade.

Caf dismissed the GFF's first protest which claimed the player, also known as James, is Nigerian and does not meet the necessary criteria to play for Togo.

African football's governing body ruled that the Togolese Football Federation was able to prove that Oloufade was born in Togo making him eligible to play for the national team.

Caf did admit that there had been an administrative error on its Competitions Management System (CMS), which has led to the GFF's appeal.

The original protest in October stated: "In the match form provided by Togo, his name is listed Adewale Olufade but in the Caf system he is registered as James Adewale Olufade and his date of birth as 21 August 1994."

The appeal will now be submitted to Caf's Appeal Board, who are expected to consider the case at its next meeting scheduled to be held on 10 February.

Olufade played for Togo as they drew 1-1 with The Gambia on 12 October.

The 24-year-old has played club football in both Togo and Cameroon, he made his international debut in a 0-0 draw with Benin in September.

Togo are currently ahead of The Gambia at the bottom of Group D of the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers thanks to a better head-to-head record, with both sides on five points.

Algeria have already qualified from the group with Benin in second on seven points.

Benin host Togo while The Gambia travel to face Algeria in the final Nations Cup qualifiers in March.

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