Tanzania FA to use Fifa funding arrears on training facilities

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Fifa has resumed its funding to Tanzania after a three-year suspension

The Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) has made it clear that it will channel the money it receives from Fifa to develop its training and playing facilities.

Football's world governing body has resumed allocating money to the TFF after a three-year hiatus due to administrative irregularities.

The TFF President, Wallace Karia, has welcomed Fifa's decision to resume its funding including the arrears of almost US$3 million

"We are going to make sure we use most of the Fifa money on development of facilities because we believe that with good facilities then football can easily flourish," he added.

"We have suffered for the past three years without securing the FIFA grant.

"We will have to redevelop the technical centre in Dar es Salaam and also make sure that several centres are put up around the regions in Tanzania."

Wilfred Kidao, the TFF's Chief Executive Officer expects to get the first batch of US$800,000 within before the end of the week.

"We had a very difficult 2018 and we are glad the Fifa funds will start coming through and now emphasis will be development of facilities," said Kidao.

Karia was elected TFF President last year following the arrest of Jamal Malinzi, who is still in detention with other federation officials as the country's Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau continues its investigations.

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