Paul Pogba: Uno-playing Manchester United midfielder leaves couple baffled

Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic
Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic and the Manchester United team were travelling on a train from Manchester

Imagine the fury, sitting on a train from Manchester only to be greeted by a bunch of "noisy hooligans" playing Uno.

Then, by way of apologising, they offer to have a picture taken.

A bemused couple, too polite to question the gesture, are met with an equally bemused Frenchman, who is handed a camera phone as the pair begin to pose.

"No, no, no," the Frenchman says. "I am asking if you would like a photo with me, sir?"

Oblivious, confused and yet still too polite to question the man, they agree, only to be told hours later by their football-loving son this Uno-enthusiast-cum-photographer was, in fact, one of the most expensive players on earth.

The apologetic individual was France star and World Cup winner Paul Pogba, the over-excited card game players his Manchester United team-mates.

Nate Patrick, an Australian e-sports commentator, says the only thing his parents know about football is "the first few lines of It's Coming Home".

So he was shocked to get a WhatsApp message from his dad, currently "working on a big project" in England, including a picture of his parents with the midfielder and his United team-mate Nemanja Matic.

"These lads knew they were making a bit of noise, so they come up to mum and dad, and apologise, and ask if they'd like a photo," Patrick wrote on Twitter.

"Dad is like, 'oh, that's nice', and gives one of the gentlemen his phone for this stranger to take a photo of mum and dad on this train from Manchester.

"The stranger looks weirdly at my dad, and says (with a French accent) 'No, no, no, I am asking if you would like a photo with me, sir?

"My dad looks at my mum like 'who on earth does this guy think he is?'. But also my dad is mega-polite and obliges to be in the photo.

"Having read through all of these messages, my dad sends through the photo, and asks 'Nathan, you wouldn't happen to know who this is?'"

Patrick, who said his mum and dad quickly moved on from the excitement by "sharing photos of a dog they saw after they got off the train", added: "My parents are on a train with entire Manchester United squad and they don't have a clue because of course they don't.

"The noisy Uno hooligans aren't loud university students on their way to watch a film, it's the most famous football team on the planet you stupid, stupid gorgeously ignorant adorable stupid people that I descended directly from."

He later told BBC Radio 5 live's Monday Night Club: "I'm stuck here in Sydney while my dad is trying to get Paul Pogba to take a photo of him.

"I'm pressing with more questions, and all of a sudden they're like 'we saw this lovely dog' and are sending six pictures with this dog.

"There are a few people (on Twitter) asking for pictures of the dog!"

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