Your favourite January transfer window bargains

Philippe Coutinho
A 1,570% increase in value - Did Philippe Coutinho turn out to be a great January deal for Liverpool?

There are certain types of January people...

There are those who have every intention of starting a blog, quitting the booze, only eating steamed vegetables and doing daily sunrise yoga sessions.

Then there are others who hits the January sales; elbows at the ready to rummage around in the bargain bins.

Speaking of which, the January transfer window is officially open and football managers, agents and players are all hoping to put pen to paper and grab a bargain while they are at it.

We asked for your examples of the best and most thrifty signings from the last few years.

Some of your examples consisted of players bought for a snippet of their later sell-on value:


That is pretty impressive - about a 1,570% increase in market value.

But one Twitter user argued Leicester City made an even better deal when they sold Riyad Mahrez to Manchester City.


And they'd be right... That's a staggering 14,900% increase in five years. Fair play to Leicester City's accountants...

Peterborough fan account "The Posh Eye" made a great point that they struck an excellent deal for striker Dwight Gayle in 2013 - increasing his value by 1,600% in just six months.


That's like buying a 10p Chomp from the corner shop in January, and then selling it to your little brother for £1.60 in July; blaming inflation for its value.

But how about a player's value in non-monetary terms? What about how much they contributed to the club during their time?


Patrice Evra, for example, helped Manchester United win five Premier League titles, one Champions League trophy, three League Cups and one Fifa Club World Cup.

Not a bad return.

Former United captain Nemanja Vidic also arrived at Old Trafford with a £7m price tag and Jake Doyle argued he repaid that fee... (with interest if you count the five Community Shields he had a hand in).


And then there's the question of what an individual player is worth to individual fans. It's all a matter of opinion, and social media is never short of those.

But isn't it nice when social media surprises you?

An opinion is expressed

>Someone disagrees with said opinion

> Person with original opinion explains and rationalises with challenger

>Challenger accepts and moves on...


Thank you, Justin and Joey - that is how light-hearted discussions about football transfers on social media should go. Wholesome and reasoned debate, where everyone goes home happy.

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