Aleksandar Mitrovic: Fulham striker trolls punter over lost accumulator

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It's pretty common for footballers to receive a little light-hearted ribbing from fans when they are 'responsible' for a lost bet.

But it's not common for them to reply.

However, Fulham striker Aleksandar Mitrovic couldn't resist having a little fun when a punter sent him a taunting message.

Mitrovic missed a penalty against Oldham as they suffered a shock defeat in the FA Cup, 'costing' Jamie Blyth his accumulator by one result.

"Thanks Mitrovic. Only £855 for missing the pen," he sarcastically wrote in his Instagram post.


Clearly, the Serbian, not able to let this one go, replied, "No problem mate" alongside a series of ironic emojis...


Perhaps missing the nuance in Mitrovic's response, Jamie replied, attempting to clarify he LOST him a potential early payday...


But Mitrovic knew exactly what he meant - he was just being a sassy Sally... and we loved it.


So what's the moral of the story?

Well, next time you send a brazen message to a footballer on social media, badgering them because you aren't about to clean up at the bookies, the chances of them losing much sleep about it are minimal...

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