Steven Gerrard responds to Levein: Rangers had 14 men at Hearts thanks to fans

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Steven Gerrard says Craig Levein was wrong to say Rangers had 13 men against Hearts - because the travelling fans' contribution made it up to 14.

Levein said after Hearts lost 2-1 to Rangers at Tynecastle that "it was like playing against 12 men", a comment on referee Bobby Madden's performance.

He then said it was 13, referencing the assistant referee's failure to flag Rangers' winning goal offside.

"Craig's entitled to his opinion," said Gerrard.

"Like I am when I speak about Hearts or Aberdeen or whoever it may be.

"I saw the interview when he said they were playing against 13 men. The only mistake I saw in the interview was that it was 14, because our fans were superb on the day. So it was probably 14 they played against."

Levein was also unhappy that Rangers goalscorer Alfredo Morelos avoided punishment, asking: "How many fouls can Morelos give away without being booked?"

But Gerrard responded: "Well, what we'll do then to make all the other managers in the league happy, we'll tell Alfredo not to compete.

"We'll tell him to just get kicked from pillar to post from the first minute to the last. We'll just tell him not to go near anyone.

"We'll make it non-contact for Alfredo, see if they all like it and then no one will complain."

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