BBC African Footballer of the Year 2018 FAQs

How do I vote online?

In order to cast your vote, when the vote is open you will be able to cast your vote on this page.

Why is the online vote not displaying properly?

If the vote is not displaying correctly on your device then please try refreshing the page or using a different browser or device.

If you are using an ad-blocker then this may inhibit your ability to cast your vote. If you disable the blocker and refresh the page then you should be able to cast your vote.

How many times can I vote online?

You can vote once online.

Can I vote using my smart phone or tablet?

You can vote online using your mobile phone, tablet or your home computer.

Can I vote via the BBC iPlayer app?

You cannot vote via the BBC iPlayer app on your Smart TV, tablet or smart phone. Please visit this page.

Why is the 'VOTE NOW' button not working?

If you're trying to vote but the 'VOTE NOW' button has turned grey and you're having trouble submitting your vote then you might not have correctly selected a vote option. To select your chosen option, click the box or image you want to vote for until the text box changes colour and a tick appears in the right hand corner of the text box. The 'VOTE NOW' button should now be available to click and submit your vote. You can change your vote option at any time before you have clicked 'VOTE NOW' by just clicking another option until it changes colour and the tick now appears in that box. Once you have submitted your vote you cannot change your vote.

Why do I get the 'Thank you for voting' message when I vote on another device or browser?

This vote is capped (see above). If you have already voted then you will see the 'Thank you for voting' message because you have already cast the maximum number of votes allowed.

Is there a cost to vote online?

No, you will not be charged to vote online by visiting this page. Please check your broadband or mobile contract to check the cost of using data services.