Craig Levein: Hearts boss critical of SFA 'confrontation' charge from Hibs derby

By Brian McLauchlinBBC Scotland

Hearts boss Craig Levein has criticised the decision to charge both his side and Hibernian for a "mass confrontation" during last week's Edinburgh derby.

The clubs have been issued with notices of complaint from the Scottish FA following two second-half flashpoints at Tynecastle.

But Levein insists the response is disproportionate.

"I worry about the game when that is seen as a mass confrontation," he said.

"People think players are robots who can control every emotion going. But the whole idea of teamwork is to support your team-mates.

"When I look at the first situation I don't see anything in it. I see a lot of people going in to break things up and stop a situation arising. In fact, I thought they were helping the referee.

"If the compliance officer wants to watch some games from the past then she would see exactly what a difficult situation is. That was nothing. And I really worry if that is going to be seen as confrontational. For me that was nothing."

Rule 204 relates to "where three or more players and/or members of team staff from one team are involved in a confrontation with opposing players and/or members of team staff of the opposing team during and/or directly after a match."

The Edinburgh clubs have until Monday to respond and have been invited to attend a hearing next Thursday, 15 November.

If found guilty, a financial penalty is likely to be imposed.

The charge facing both teams does not relate to the incidents involving Hibs head coach Neil Lennon and Hearts goalkeeper Zdenek Zlamal.

Lennon was struck by a coin thrown from the crowd and a man has been charged in connection with an assault on Zlamal.

Hearts and Hibernian players with referee Andrew Dallas
Referee Andrew Dallas was surrounded by players from both sides during last week's Edinburgh derby

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