Spurs' new stadium 'will be greatest ever built' says chief engineer

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I would help build Spurs stadium - Pochettino

Tottenham's new stadium will be "the greatest that's ever been built", says one of the chief engineers working on the delayed project.

The new 62,000-seat arena was due to open on 15 September.

It means Spurs play Watford in Milton Keynes on Wednesday because their usual temporary home - Wembley Stadium - is not ready after last weekend's Anthony Joshua fight.

"We've tried to do something in double time," engineer Nick Cooper said.

"If you look at any other project of this nature you wouldn't have achieved as much as we've achieved with the stadium.

"Be patient with us, we understand the frustrations."

Contractor Mace has claimed faulty wiring is behind the delay, while Spurs have not given a new completion date. Manager Mauricio Pochettino said he is "confident" it will be ready this year.

"It's been radio silence from the club," says Pete Haine, secretary of the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust in reference to the lack of an official date for the first game.

"I can understand their point of view. I can understand the fact they don't want to commit to another date and then fail to meet it.

"As fans we'd like to know, we'd like some certainty. If it's going to be next year then fine. Tell us. We can plan for that."

The situation has been compounded for season ticket holders due to incompatible ticketing systems between the new stadium and Wembley - requiring fans to claim a refund from the club for games that have moved and then having to buy a new ticket for the game at Wembley.

Last month the Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy said that he hoped to announce an opening date as soon as possible.

"We are all focused on ensuring contractors deliver our new stadium in the shortest possible period of time and opening our stadium at the earliest opportunity," Levy said.

"We are now being regularly updated on progress and as soon as we have confidence in our project managers' and contractors' ability to deliver against the revised schedule of works, we shall be able to issue dates for test events and the official opening game."

Cooper said the pitch will be laid next week, indicating that the stadium could be nearly ready.

Spurs dividing pitch
The new dividing pitch is currently being installed at the stadium

Built in virtually every corner of the UK - how Tottenham's ground is coming together

  • The stadium will feature the world's first dividing, retractable grass pitch built by a Leicester-based firm. Underneath will be an artificial NFL surface - all part of Spurs' grand plan to provide a world-class venue for both sports.
  • The Sky Walk, a unique visitor attraction which will allow people to climb the exterior of the stadium up to 40 metres high, has been manufactured by a Midlands-based construction company.
  • Six 70-metre trusses capable of extending across the pitch will suspend 950 powerful lights to help grow the grass. The trusses then all fold away, collapsing under the subterranean NFL pitch.
  • The three pitch trays which form the retractable grass pitch were manufactured across Yorkshire by a Sheffield engineering specialist firm.
  • The stadium steel works were made by a Lancashire-based company who also worked on the Olympic Stadium.
  • The concrete panels featuring the club crest, positioned at the north entrance of the stadium, were cast in Scunthorpe.
  • Spurs claim the local economy will be boosted by £293m each year and 3,500 jobs created across the entire stadium scheme to handle an expected two million visitors per year.
  • 258 affordable homes have been built nearby and money has been ploughed into a partnership with nine independent schools to create the London Academy of Excellence, which is connected to the building that houses the club's new offices.

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