Hampden: SFA slow to raise investment, says former president George Peat

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Lord Willie Haughey gives his vision for Hampden

Former president George Peat says the Scottish FA should have approached investors earlier in the process that led to the planned purchase of Hampden.

Businessmen Lord Willie Haughey and Tom Hunter will fund half of the SFA's £5m purchase of the national stadium from Queen's Park in 2020 and SFA chief executive Ian Maxwell spoke of the possibility of local and national government support for developing the "world renowned asset".

Staying at Hampden, which is currently leased from League Two Queen's Park, was chosen instead of a move to Murrayfield, the home ground of Edinburgh and Scotland's rugby teams.

And Peat told BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound: "One aspect of the deal that surprised me when I heard the chief executive speaking, he had said that had it not been for Willie Haughey and Tom Hunter they would've gone to Murrayfield.

"I would've thought that they would've been going looking for investors before they made the decision, which could determine whether they stayed at Hampden or went to Murrayfield."

'SFA toiling from lack of sponsorship'

Scotland have not reached a major finals since the 1998 World Cup in France but started their Nations League campaign with victory over Albania last week.

And Peat, who was president from 2007-11, said: "The SFA's toiling at the minute from lack of sponsorship. Sponsorship, television money and that kind of thing was where they got most of their money apart from the gates.

"One thing I did just before I left the presidency was I negotiated a television deal, which gave them an additional £28m on top of what they were expecting. I'm not trying to be big headed about it but I often wonder where that £28m has gone since I left.

"When you see the increase in the number of people employed now by the SFA and you've got Malky Mackay, who was brought in as a performance director - that was a new position - all the people that are employed by him and the cost of running that, that takes up a few million pounds over the period."

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