We should make Hampden cutting edge - SFA benefactor Lord Willie Haughey

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Lord Willie Haughey gives his vision for Hampden

Hampden Park "should really be made cutting edge", says the man whose donation will help the Scottish FA purchase the stadium from Queen's Park.

Lord Willie Haughey, along with Sir Tom Hunter, gifted the governing body half of the £5m it will pay the Scottish League Two club.

The SFA will examine ways to improve the ground, with Haughey, 62, saying "loads of things" could be bettered.

"I don't know the numbers, but it certainly needs improved," he said.

"The negativity about Hampden, I would definitely agree with. It's got to be a better experience for the fans.

"We should look at ticket prices, we should maybe look at standing areas."

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland's Off the Ball, the Scottish businessman reiterated the funds provided by him are a "gift" with "no caveats".

He added there might "be potential for public help and private investors" should the SFA need to raise funds for any redevelopment works.

"I don't think it was a case of the SFA not having the money to pay Queen's Park, I just think there was a differential in the value," he said.

"I don't know what the SFA's financial situation is. I'm sure they won't have £80m to redevelop Hampden but there are all sorts of avenues.

"They managed to find money to get Wembley and other venues done - I think over £1bn was spent on the redevelopment for the Olympics in London.

"We're talking about the World Cup coming to Scotland potentially as part of the bidding process - I think you could apply to the government for money."

Bertie Auld and Sir Willie Haughey
Bertie Auld and Sir Willie Haughey outside Celtic Park last year

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