QPR: 'Recipe for disaster' as fan from Finland flies over for 7-1 & 3-0 defeats

We all get a bit animated when the team we support get beaten...

But next time they take a drubbing, spare a thought for those who may have a slightly more awkward journey home.

QPR fan Antti Korpela showed his commitment by flying over from his native Finland to watch two Championship games in four days - the unfortunate part, he saw them lose 7-1 and 3-0.

The 21-year-old documented his time in England on social media; flying over on Friday, taking some stadium snaps and even getting his programme signed by some R's players.

However, it all went wrong for Steve McClaren's side on the pitch, shipping seven goals in an "unacceptable" defeat at West Brom on Saturday and booed off by some fans after a heavy loss at Loftus Road on Tuesday.

These things happen - surely Antti's previous trip over to watch QPR was more enjoyable? Think again, a 5-2 home defeat by Nottingham Forest in February.

An aggregate score of 15-3 from his last three games.

"Sometimes I wonder that there might be better uses for a grand," he said on Twitter.

QPR fan Antti Korpela on Twitter
The trip started with such promise...
QPR fan Antti Korpela on Twitter