Spot the mistake as Annan suffer 'short circuit' ticket moment

Twitter screenshot
Annan Athletic's match ticket said Saturday's game was being played in 2008

Annan Athletic say a "short circuit moment" was to blame for a typo-laden match ticket with more than 10 errors.

The ticket for the Scottish League Two match with Queen's Park had the visitors' name spelt incorrectly and claimed entry into Galabank was £62.

A photo of the brief, which stated the game was being played in 2008, has now surfaced on social media.

"Loveing (sic) the 'short circuit' moment on our matchday tickets," Annan tweeted.

"What would you like to see on there for our next home game against @ClydeFC"

Other errors on the ticket include saying the season was 2017-19 and that the ticket was "complimentagy".

Annan won the match 3-1 to go joint top of the table.

Twitter screenshot
Annan say they are "loveing" the ticket mistakes

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