Young footballers should put percentage of wages in trust - Danny Webber

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Danny Webber says part of young footballers' wages should be kept in a trust fund.

Young footballers should have some of their wages put into a trust to stop them spending it, says former Manchester United striker Danny Webber.

Webber, 36, thinks teenage players should only have access to 20-30% of what they earn until they get older.

The rest could be in a trust managed by the Premier League or the Professional Footballers' Association, he said.

"There are many young lads out there earning big money, who are just blowing it," Webber told Radio 5 live.

"I am watching a lot of players who earn money very early and have got a different idea of what it is to be a footballer."

The PFA has told BBC Sport that it is already "actively pursuing" the idea of a "mandatory saving scheme".

"PFA and the Premier League have been researching the idea for some time," said PFA deputy chief executive Bobby Barnes.

"We have consulted with senior players at all Premier League clubs and have unanimous support."

Webber, who also played for Watford, Sheffield United and Portsmouth in a 18-year career, said most youngsters come from a background where they have "no education in finance or money".

He said they spend their money on cars, holidays and tables in night clubs.

"There's got to be something where they are laying some foundations because they're young and they don't have the experience with money," said Webber on the Phil Williams show.

"If you're 17 and you leave school, your overheads are very small. If you're earning £10,000-a-week - it's a massive salary.

"If you can't live on £2,000-a-week of that and still have a nice car, still have a nice watch, but gradually build into that level of money and understand what it means to handle that kind of money - then there's something wrong,"

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