BBC's World Cup of kits final: Brazil 1970 beats West Germany 1990

Brazil 1970 World Cup team
The greatest team of all time and the greatest kit of all time? Brazil 1970 are on top of the world - again

"Let's do a World Cup of kits - that won't be too controversial, nobody will take it too seriously and it'll be fun." Or so we thought.

Brazil 1970 has beaten West Germany 1990 in the final of the BBC's World Cup of kits - but that doesn't tell the whole story.

BBC Sport users and social media followers selected their favourites - in their thousands - in five different rounds and joined in a lively debate on our live World Cup page.

West Germany v Colombia
Our semi-finalists West Germany and surprise outfit Colombia (away) actually met in the 1990 World Cup group stages (in the correct kits)

Possibly the biggest shock was England's red 1966 away kit crashing out to Brazil in the semi-finals after brushing aside Netherlands 1978, Paraguay 2002 and Italy 1990 along the way.

You might wonder why England had to start by facing such an iconic jersey as that of the Dutch - well blame former England internationals Danny Mills and Stephen Warnock, who did the first-round draw...

Watch: World Cup of kits first-round draw

A panel of BBC Sport journalists selected (we won't say agreed upon, more on that when we come to the next kit photo below) what they believed were the best 32 jerseys at any World Cup - but only one could be chosen from each country - with the draw unseeded.

Notable first-round casualties included the Dutch 1978 top, the USA's 'lively' 1994 away shirt, Peru's iconic 1978 jersey, Northern Ireland 1986 and Scotland 1978 - who lost to shock semi-finalists, Colombia 1990 away.

Wales 1958 and the Republic of Ireland 1990 went out in the last 16, along with the fancied Croatia 1998. Denmark's 1986 beauty was an unpopular quarter-final casualty and by that stage most people expected England to win - but you had other ideas.

Brazil beat England in their semi-final, with West Germany knocking out Colombia in the other.

There were plenty of disputes on social media - and there were some in the BBC office too. One live text commentator wanted the Cameroon 2002 sleeveless version, which he owns, to make the final 32

Here's a selection of what you had to say on social media...

Soviet Union 1966
Sadly for Nick, the Soviet Union were 'out of there' after being knocked out by Argentina 1986 in the first round
USA 1994 away shirt
Another one to bite the dust early - USA 1994 away fell to the Republic of Ireland's 1990 home kit in the first round
Denmark 1986 World Cup shirt
Denmark 1986 had a lot of love from BBC Sport users but not enough to get past Colombia 1990 away in the quarter-finals - according to one fan who texted in "Denmark and Southampton were one and the same kit. Southampton inherited it and rebadged it to save money"

Nick Bruzon: Only two man-made objects are visible from Outer Space. The Great Wall of China and the lion's head on Cameroon's Italia '90 shirt. It's an absolute thing of beauty, too. A modern day seventh wonder of the world. There'll be no justice if this doesn't win.

Cameroon celebrate a goal by striker Roger Milla during the 1990 World Cup
Cameroon - and their massive lion's head - didn't make it past the first round, where they faced eventual finalists West Germany

Davey R: Been in meeting all afternoon - checked in to see who Peru had got in the final of #worldcupofkits - what?!?! Where?! Madness. I demand a recount.

Our Colombia picture was of the famously wild-haired Carlos Valderrama - which influenced some people...

David Melton: Ok I admit it I'm voting England because it's England, and I voted Colombia because of Carlos' hair

Kieran, Glasgow: People clearly not realising that Valderrama's hair isn't part of the kit

Italy 1990 World Cup shirt
We loved the randomness of how Greg acquired this Italy 1990 shirt
Scotland 1986
Scotland's 1986 kit is undoubtedly a beauty - but didn't make the final 32 as our panel picked the 1978 strip instead. Sadly it went out in the first round - the first victim of Colombia 1990 away
Scotland 1990 World Cup shirt
Another Scotland kit from a World Cup past - 1990 this time

Alex S: Never seen this France 1982 kit before but wow that's instantly the best looking footie top I've seen - would gladly wear it to my own wedding! Who voted against it?!

France 1982 World Cup kit
France 1982 is superb but it fell to the might of West Germany 1990
West Germany-Argentina tweet
A West Germany 1990-Argentina 1986 last-16 tie proved a choice some people would rather not make

Matthew Vernon: Germany '90 v Argentina '86 tough for England fans! 😆 But I'm not voting for that cheat, beautiful shirt or not.

England 1990 away and Argentina 1990 kits
England didn't wear their red away kit in the tournament but it's still takes us back to Italia '90

But some people were happier to see England lose...

Phil Andrews: I may be berated for this, but the 1966 England away kit looks like a £3 t-shirt onto which my Nan sewed an England badge. Enduring image? Certainly. Best shirt? Sorry...

James Drewe-Smith: Finally the England shirt is out, been living on past glories for 50-odd years. Not even the best England shirt

And some people weren't happy with the eventual winner...

Matt Birch: As a totally unbiased German who owns a 1990 kit somewhere, this is a shambolic decision. It's the same colour Brazil have had for every World Cup... EVER!

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Brazil 1970 beat West Germany 1990 (55% of selections)


Brazil 1970 beat England 1966 away (56.1% of selections)

West Germany 1990 beat Colombia 1990 away (66.9% of selections)


Brazil 1970 beat Spain 2010 (76.4% of selections)

England 1966 away beat Italy 1990 (67.3% of selections)

Colombia 1990 away beat Denmark 1986 (56.9% of selections)

West Germany 1990 beat France 1982 (64% of selections)

Second round

Spain 2010 beat Jamaica 1998 (59.9% of selections)

Brazil 1970 beat Republic of Ireland 1990 (81.5% of selections)

England 1966 away beat Paraguay 2002 (76.1% of selections)

Italy 1990 beat Croatia 1998 (51.4% of selections)

Colombia 1990 away beat Ghana 2014 (60.2% of selections)

Denmark 1986 beat Chile 1998 (64% of selections)

West Germany 1990 beat Argentina 1986 (59% of selections)

France 1982 beat Wales 1958 (78.9% of selections)

First round

Jamaica 1998 beat Slovenia 2002 (72.4% of selections)

Spain 2010 beat Angola 2006 (69.2% of selections)

Brazil 1970 beat Senegal 2002 away (85.7% of selections)

Republic of Ireland 1990 beat USA 1994 away (61.6% of selections)

Paraguay 2002 beat Nigeria 1994 away (54.3% of selections)

England 1966 away beat Netherlands 1978 (60.8% of selections)

Italy 1990 beat Mexico 1978 (69.5% of selections)

Croatia 1998 beat Belgium 1982 (67.6% of selections)

Ghana 2014 beat Northern Ireland 1986 (60.7% of selections)

Colombia 1990 away beat Scotland 1978 (56.8% of selections)

Chile 1998 beat South Korea 2002 (52.4% of selections)

Denmark 1986 beat Uruguay 1930 (60.1% of selections)

West Germany 1990 beat Cameroon 1990 (78.6% of selections)

Argentina 1986 beat USSR 1966 (81.9% of selections)

Wales 1958 beat Zaire 1974 away (50.8% of selections)

France 1982 beat Peru 1978 (57.8% of selections)

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