Rangers: 'Not impossible' for Gerrard to beat Celtic to the title - Graeme Souness

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Rangers: 'Not impossible' for Gerrard to beat Celtic to the title - Graeme Souness

Former Rangers manager Graeme Souness has backed Steven Gerrard to set up a title fight with Celtic.

And Souness, who won the title in his first season in charge at Ibrox in 1986/87, believes that with some luck Gerrard can do the same.

"I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it wouldn't be impossible," Souness told BBC Scotland.

"With a large slice of luck, and a bit of luck with the players you bring in, why not?"

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There are parallels between Souness and Gerrard, both having captained Liverpool to the European Cup/Champions League, then taken their first steps in management at Ibrox.

Souness won Rangers their first league title in nine years in his first season in charge, winning three titles in total as well as four League Cups.

Much of his success in his first season was down to being able to bring in high-profile players from England such as Terry Butcher, Chris Woods and Graham Roberts.

Times have changed and the lure of Scottish football is no longer the same, but Souness says Gerrard's reputation down south and his links with former club Liverpool will ensure that he can still bring in quality players.

He said: "I'm hoping that he's got some money to spend, he can attract some loan players. That mix, along with what he brings, I'm hoping Rangers can have a really good season. And a really good season means they have to catch Celtic and finish above them.

Steven Gerrard (left) at the Toulon Tournament in France
Steven Gerrard spent his first day as Rangers boss at the Toulon Tournament in France

"I'm not sure he'll be bringing big names in, but what he'll bring in is maybe a younger player who is about to burst onto the scene, but are not quite good enough for Liverpool or maybe another Premier League team.

"Steven is highly thought of down in England, well respected, and he'll have no problem picking the phone up and having people do him favours. There'll be an element of that but no doubt he'll want to buy a couple as well."

Rangers have finished third twice in succession behind Aberdeen and champions Celtic, but Souness has no doubts the Old Firm will be the top two in the final league standings in May.

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"When you're a big player, and he's been a big player, there's nothing really that prepares you for management," said Souness.

"He'll make mistakes, but he's got good people around him, Gary McAllister is a good man. Clever people learn from their mistakes and they don't repeat them.

"The three most important things - support from his board, him being himself and managing to get his knowledge of the game across to his players, and lady luck. Those three things on his side and he's got a chance.

"I've got a sneaky feeling he'll do well. He'll excite the supporters, he'll play a brand of football that they'll enjoy, and he might surprise a few people.

"They'll be one or two. Lady luck has to shine on us to finish first."

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