Premier League to warn clubs about 'anti-extremist' group

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Football Lads Alliance march in Birmingham

The Premier League will warn its clubs about reported attempts by "anti-extremist" organisation Football Lads Alliance (FLA) to bring discriminatory banners and flags into stadiums.

The FLA - which was founded last year - says its aims are to unite "the football family against extremism" and "bring about a change in anti-terrorist legislation".

However, it has been reported by the Times that supporters displayed banners attacking Islam.

"These reports are very concerning," the Premier League said.

In a statement to BBC Sport, it added that it had "recently discussed" the FLA with the UK Football Policing Unit and the Home Office.

"While it is up to individual clubs to determine which banners and flags they allow in their stadiums, we will bring this to their attention," the statement continued.

"Premier League football is open to everyone and clubs work hard to encourage welcoming and friendly environments in their stadiums."

About 5,000 people attended an FLA march in Birmingham earlier this month. West Midlands Police said there were no arrests and no reports of disorder.

BBC Sport has contacted the FLA for comment but the organisation is yet to respond.

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