Rangers: Graeme Murty praises 'professionalism' of Rangers players

Rangers caretaker manager Graeme Murty
Rangers caretaker manager Graeme Murty has guided the side to two wins from two games

Rangers caretaker boss Graeme Murty has praised the players for their attitude and response to his spell in charge.

Murty has won both games since temporarily succeeding Pedro Caixinha.

If Murty steers Rangers to victory at home to Hamilton on Saturday, he will better the record of Caixinha, who never won three consecutive games.

"It is not easy when a new voice comes in, it can be disconcerting but they have gone after it hard and worked really well," Murty told RangersTV.

"I have had that relationship before with some of them and I am starting to build that relationship now with some of the newer players and I am getting to know about them."

Murty is in his second spell as caretaker manager, having stepped in for six games after Mark Warburton departed Ibrox in February.

Since taking over from Caixinha, Murty has recalled striker Kenny Miller, and has also found a sense of unity within the squad despite the array of different nationalities.

Rangers striker Eduardo Herrera
Rangers' Mexican striker Eduardo Herrera has helped Graeme Murty communicate with some of the foreign players due to his 'fabulous English'

"I have been impressed with the way they have integrated and interacted with one another which, if you believe reports from outside the club that was not always the case, but I haven't found that to be true," Murty said.

"The language barrier hasn't been too tough because you have Eduardo Herrera and Bruno Alves who speak fabulous English and if there is a complex part to the session then they can translate. I always make sure everybody understands.

"You have to make sure you choose your words with care because some of the slang you don't get away with because you just get a blank look.

"If they have a question they are straight out with it and they want to know things."

'You reward players by giving them goals'

Murty has made alterations to training, including introducing one day off during the week to allow the players to "recharge and spend some time with the family" as he tries to overtake Hibernian in third place and Aberdeen in second in the Premiership.

"I have changed the schedule slightly; I have changed the intensity and the meaning of the days slightly," Murty added.

"You reward players by giving them goals or bonuses in their competition, because players love competition.

"The first-team guys are good guys, they want to do a really good job and they want to play and be challenged, they love competition."

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