St Johnstone 4-1 Motherwell: Robinson unhappy with Perth red cards

Charles Dunne is sent off
Charles Dunne (far right) was one of three players sent off by referee Craig Thomson in Perth

Motherwell manager Stephen Robinson disagreed with two of the three red card decisions that went against his side in the 4-1 defeat by St Johnstone.

Keeper Trevor Carson was sent off for handling outside his area, Carl McHugh received two bookings and Charles Dunne was dismissed for a professional foul.

But Robinson felt Carson and Dunne did not deserve to be ordered off by referee Craig Thomson.

"They're decisions that change games," said Robinson.

"The score's 2-1 at that stage [when Carson was dismissed] and we were dominating the game for large periods.

"The free-kick that leads to the first [St Johnstone] goal where Davidson handballs it and they get the free-kick - that's where the decisions start.

"There's plenty I want to say on it. I've said all along that referees have a tough, tough job. There's things in the game we can improve on, of course.

Stephen Robinson
Robinson's side have lost two matches out of two in the Premiership

"From what I've seen back [of the penalty incident], the boy said there was no contact at all. The Trevor Carson one's on the line, I've seen that about 20 different times. He doesn't actually touch the ball until he gets to the line.

"I can only worry about the things we can affect. I can't affect the referee's decision. I'm not going to say anymore on it because I'll end up in trouble."

However, Saints boss Tommy Wright felt all three red cards were justified.

He told BBC Scotland: "David [Wotherspoon] thinks he is getting the ball, he can nick the ball. If you handle it outside the box you always have that danger of a red card, it was a red card.

"The third one was definitely a red card and if anything the McHugh tackle from where I was - my lad said, even though he won the ball - was two-footed off the ground.

"Even if you win the ball you can't tackle like that. Maybe the ref could have given a straight red. But yellow and a red to follow was the right decision.

"It's three points for us. We had it last year, self-inflicted with Danny [Swanson] and Richard [Foster] getting sent off [at Hamilton]. It happens.

"It shouldn't take away that we have won the game and the three points are ours."