Women's Super League One: Arsenal drop 'Ladies' from name

Alex Scott
Arsenal Ladies lifted 43 major trophies in their 30-year history

Women's Super League side Arsenal have dropped 'Ladies' from their name and become Arsenal Women.

The club will be known as Arsenal, and say they will use the 'Women' title only when "official clarity" is needed.

Arsenal are the fourth top-tier side to carry the 'Women' name, with six teams using the 'Ladies' moniker.

In a message on the club's website, captain Alex Scott said the name change was a "bold statement of intent, support and unity".

She continued: "The term 'Women' delineates between men and women without as many stereotypes or preconceived notions and it is in keeping with modern-day thinking on equality.

"We are moving forward together as a club and I hope that this sends out a message that times are changing for the better."

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