Exeter City's Craig Woodman out despite Paul Tisdale broken arm claim

Craig Woodman
Craig Woodman has made 190 appearances for Exeter since joining them in 2012, scoring once

Exeter City manager Paul Tisdale says Craig Woodman will be out "for a while" with a fractured arm, having previously quipped that the defender could play with such an injury.

After beating Cheltenham in December, Tisdale said Woodman "could've played with a broken arm, he was that good".

However, the 34-year-old suffered that precise injury in Exeter's draw with Yeovil last Saturday.

Asked about the irony, Tisdale joked: "Maybe I won't mention that next time."

He continued: "He's as tough as old boots Craig, so I wouldn't put it past him (playing with the injury) - I've rarely seen someone break their arm so clearly and literally not mutter a word."

When making the injury claim three months ago, the Grecians boss was comparing Woodman to German great Franz Beckenbauer, who famously wore a sling in the 1970 World Cup semi-final against Italy, having dislocated his shoulder during the match.

"He won't be playing in a sling, that won't happen - it's going to be a while yet," Tisdale told BBC Sport.

"He's going to be out for a while, we don't know how long - there'll be a time when he could wear maybe a splint.

"I'm not sure what the rules are these days - [maybe] Gary Lineker-style in the World Cup, who knows what's possible."

Lineker played at the 1986 World Cup despite a broken wrist, while former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba appeared for Ivory Coast in the 2010 competition wearing a cast to protect a broken arm.

Gary Lineker
Gary Lineker sported a cast to protect a broken wrist during the 1986 World Cup

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