Dumbarton manager Stevie Aitken plans to investigate players' bust-up

By Brian McLauchlinBBC Scotland at East End Park
Dumbarton midfielder Stuart Carswell
Stuart Carswell walked off for treatment, to be replaced by Sam Stanton

Dumbarton boss Stevie Aitken plans to investigate a claim by Sons midfielder Stuart Carswell that he was headbutted by his team-mate Mark Docherty.

With Dumbarton having conceded a second goal, Carswell walked off the pitch with blood streaming from his nose after he clashed with the defender.

"It's not nice when that happens," Aitken told BBC Scotland.

"We were disappointed with the start. They are probably as frustrated as each other but it shouldn't really happen."

With 27 minutes gone, Paul McMullan had added to Nicky Clark's opener for the hosts to leave the Sons trailing 2-0.

But following the altercation between the Dumbarton players, Carswell left the pitch for treatment and substitute Sam Stanton was quickly sent on.

The manager continued: "There was a coming together between the two players. The referee never saw it. Nobody saw it.

"He had broken his nose in previous weeks. We had to make the change because we couldn't stop the blood. I have spoken to the two of them and we will get to the bottom of it. It's a passionate game.

"He is obviously disappointed with the action of his team-mate. He feels there was a coming together. Mark thought it was tit for tat or that (Carswell) had raised his hands first.

"We won't condone it but we really have to see the footage to see exactly what happened. I will speak to the people in the stand who did see it.

"The players both know. Neither has denied it. It's passionate and it's fuelled in the dressing room right now. But let's just let it calm down and have a look at the footage and take it from there."

Aitken insists there has "never been an issue" between the players.

"It's out of character," he said. "The only thing I can put it down to, and it's no excuse, is we are disappointed with two goals we have lost. I think they blamed each other and sometimes you see that.

"I don't like seeing that in teams I manage and I don't want players to act like that and I have told them that."

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