Paul Clement: Swansea boss calls for video technology after controversial penalty

By Dafydd PritchardBBC Wales Sport
Swansea City protest
Swansea City protest referee Anthony Taylor's decision to award a penalty to Burnley

Swansea boss Paul Clement has called for video technology to be introduced after they conceded a controversial penalty in their win against Burnley.

Andre Gray scored after referee Anthony Taylor awarded a penalty when the ball hit Burnley striker Sam Vokes's arm.

The International Football Association Board discussed whether to introduce the technology on Friday.

Asked if he was in favour of its implementation, Clement said: "One hundred per cent."

The former Bayern Munich and Real Madrid assistant manager added: "I really don't understand why this has taken so long.

"It's been spoken about for years and years and years. Next thing it will be a trial, then it will be implemented in another year or two years - but these things are happening now.

"I spoke to him [Taylor] at half-time, and he said he made, what was in his opinion, an honest decision, and I don't think it would be any another way. It was clearly a mistake."

Gray's penalty brought Burnley level at 1-1 in the first half on Saturday and, although Swansea dominated for long periods, they fell behind to Gray's second goal midway through the second half.

Martin Olsson's equaliser and Fernando Llorente's injury-time winner salvaged a dramatic victory for the Swans, lifting them five points clear of the Premier League relegation zone.

"I feel for the referees. I referee games in training all the time. Sometimes I guess what the decision is, sometimes I go off what the reaction of the players is," Clement added.

"I do try to call it honestly and it is very hard in real time to get some decisions correct.

"What is bizarre is the referee, the assistants and fourth official are the only people in the stadium who do not have the help they need, and they need it [video technology] more than anybody.

"Media have got it, technical staff can get it, fans have got it real-time on their mobile devices. The only one who doesn't get the help is the one who needs it the most."

Clement's Mourinho moment

Celebration was for the fans - Clement

The victory over Burnley was Swansea's fifth from eight games since Clement's appointment on 3 January.

The 45-year-old celebrated Llorente's late winner by sprinting down the touchline, his arms raised in his black overcoat - reminiscent of Jose Mourinho's exuberance at Old Trafford when his Porto side knocked Manchester United out of the Champions League in 2004.

"I wish I hadn't done it because I've just got my breath back. It was an exhilarating moment," said Clement.

"It's a wonderful feeling. Also because of the circumstances of the game, having played well but then you're behind 2-1 and you're thinking maybe it's not our day.

"Football can be like that, there's a lot of randomness associated with it. You have to deal with it, use it as motivation to go and do even better, and the players showed that in the second half.

"There was only one result which was going to be satisfying for us today, and that was the win."

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