Notts County: Manager John Sheridan cancels players' Christmas party

John Sheridan
Notts County have won eight of their 25 games under John Sheridan

Notts County manager John Sheridan has cancelled his players' Christmas party after a five-match winless run in League Two.

On Monday, Sheridan made all his first-team available for a reserves game, which was later called off.

"These are decisions I don't really want to make, but I think hopefully they'll work out," he said.

Sheridan has also said that players were paid late last month, but they have all now been given their wages.

The Magpies were handed their second winding-up petition of the year by HM Revenue and Customs on 23 November, with a hearing scheduled for 19 December.

Former Oldham boss Sheridan said that his players have not been distracted by the club's off-field issues, and said they have responded well to his recent decisions.

"Whatever decision I make I don't think it's a punishment, no way is it a punishment, and I don't care what the players think," he told BBC Radio Nottingham.

"I think the players know it's not a punishment anyway, so the players have responded the way I want them to respond. I don't think they see it as a punishment, I think they actually agree with me.

"They know we've got to get things right, so I don't see it as a problem whatsoever, and hopefully it'll work out the way we want it to work out."

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