Price of Football 2016: All about the study

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Here is how the BBC's 2016 Price of Football calculator and study were compiled.

About the study

The BBC contacted 224 clubs for the study. Of those, 201 were in England, Scotland and Wales and another 23 in Europe. League Two club Plymouth Argyle requested not to be involved in the project.

We asked the clubs to provide us with the cheapest and most expensive adult tickets available on the gate on matchday, as well as their cheapest and most expensive season ticket and away ticket prices.

The clubs were also asked to provide the cost of a tea, a pie, a programme and adult and junior-sized replica shirts.

For the first time, we also asked clubs to provide the male-female split of season-ticket holders.

The data was collated and verified by BBC Sport journalists.

About the calculator

When you select your team, we show you a comparison of the price of tickets and other items at your club and how they compare with the average prices in the league.

We also compare how the club's ticket prices have changed in recent seasons using data from previous BBC Price of Football studies.

Some data comparisons are not available for clubs which were not included in previous years.

The 'price of a goal' is calculated by dividing the cost of a club's cheapest season ticket last season by the number of goals scored by the team at home in the same season.

Year-to-year comparisons are not available for clubs which were not surveyed last season, including those promoted to the National League in 2016 (Maidstone, North Ferriby United, Solihull Moors, Sutton United) or which do not operate traditional season tickets.

The calculator section, looking at how much you spend following your club, works by adding up the cost of things you buy when going to a game: a ticket, food and drink, a programme and a replica shirt.

You can also add in the cost of any subscription to sports television channels that allow you to support your team from home.

These costs are then multiplied across the season to show how much you might spend supporting your team this season.

Because there is such a great variation in ticket prices and sports channel subscriptions, this figure is intended to give a general indication only. We also assume that you spend roughly the same amount on food and drink at each game.

Cup ties and play-off games are not included in the calculation.

Enter your team into the Price of Football calculator and see what your support is costing you.