Safe standing at football: Premier League to discuss safe-standing areas

Anderlecht fans on the safe standing terraces at the stadium during the UEFA Europa League match between Anderlecht and Olympiakos FC at Constant Vanden Stock Stadium
Safe-standing terraces are used at many stadiums in Europe, including Anderlecht's Constant Vanden Stock Stadium

The Premier League will discuss the issue of safe-standing areas at a routine meeting between the 20 top-flight clubs next week.

There is no suggestion a decision will be taken but it is understood a few clubs are keen to discuss the matter.

Many, however, are not yet sure of their opinion and the Premier League is conscious that it is a sensitive topic.

It is, therefore, merely an initial discussion to ascertain the clubs' initial views.

All-seater stadiums have been compulsory in the top two divisions in England since an inquiry into the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, which claimed the lives of 96 Liverpool fans.

Any changes to the existing legislation would require government approval.

Safe-standing areas, featuring retractable seats, have been introduced abroad, most notably in Germany.

In July, Celtic opened a new 2,900-capacity safe-standing section, comprising rail seating installed in the north-east corner of Celtic Park.

Rail seats can be unlocked or locked, to create either a standing or seated area.