Nick Bunyard: Frome Town boss banned by FA over betting

Frome Town boss Nick Bunyard has been banned from football until July 2019 for betting against teams he managed.

An independent commission found that from September 2014 to April 2016 Bunyard placed 45 bets against Frome and his former club Paulton Rovers.

Football Association rules prohibit "all those involved in the game" from betting on football "that takes place anywhere in the world".

Frome suspended Bunyard in April when made aware of the FA's investigation.

The FA also fined Bunyard £3,000.

Bunyard became Frome manager in August 2015 and his suspension by the club arrived late in a campaign where the Robins lost just two of their last 14 matches to avoid relegation.

Assistant manager Josh Jeffries took charge as they ended the 2015-16 season 16th in the Southern League - England's seventh tier.

The commission examined 97 bets made by Bunyard but dismissed an FA charge that he had allegedly breached an interim ban placed on him on 24 June.

Frome Town expect to make a statement on Thursday.