Wales wind-up? There's something strange about their recent team photos

Wales v Georgia
Wales employed the old 3 + 8 line up for the team photo on Sunday

There appears to be something strange going on with Wales' team photos.

As their players prepared to face the photographers prior to kick-off in Sunday's World Cup qualifier against Georgia, the way they lined up was, shall we say, a little unusual.

Three at the back and eight across the front is not the usual formation for a team photo. A Wales wind-up?

Gareth Bale feigned ignorance when pressed about recent lopsided line-ups. Asked if the players were just really bad at it, he said: "Yes, I think it must just be that."

Do you believe him? Or is it more likely to be a team in-joke from down the years? Check out some previous efforts and judge for yourself...

Wales v Austria
This was how they lined up ahead of Thursday's World Cup qualifier against Austria...
Wales v Moldova
... and here they are against Moldova last month.
Wales v Sweden before Euros
Against Sweden in June, they almost had it right. Aaron Ramsey stands out as a bit of spare part in this photo, though.
Wales v Ukraine
Here they are against the Ukraine in March. Looks like Ashley Williams could do with a bit of company on his side...
Wales line-up Italy 2002
Think it's a recent thing? Think again. Here's how Wales lined up for the team photo before facing Italy in 2002.

Here's what you think...


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