Kevin Nicholson 'disgusted' with Torquay United performance in Boreham Wood loss

Kevin Nicholson
Kevin Nicholson has seen Torquay win just two of their last nine matches

Torquay manager Kevin Nicholson has slammed his side after their 2-0 loss at Boreham Wood in the National League.

The Gulls conceded two goals in the opening 12 minutes and went on to miss a first-half penalty as they dropped to 16th place in the division.

"I'm disgusted to be honest," Nicholson told BBC Radio Devon.

"I'm a little bit embarrassed. When you go out there and you're representing a football club like we've got, you've got to put yourself on the line."

The team travelled up to the match in a fleet of cars after they opted to book an overnight hotel stay instead of travelling by coach on the day of the match, in order to prepare properly for the game.

"A big thing was made of us coming in cars," added Nicholson. "But we could come on bikes for all I care, that's got nothing to do with what we did.

"I was proud that they made the decision to do that, but don't make the decision to give yourself the best chance and then go out there and go under with such a whimper, it's poor."

Nicholson added: "I couldn't believe what I was seeing in the first half.

"A few of them have to go away and have a look and see if they really want to be successful, if they really want to be part of being where Torquay United wants to be, they've got to give more than that.

"They're a good group of lads, there's no bad eggs in there, it's a good group, but sometimes maybe you can be too nice.

"If they don't start showing me the kind of aggression and will to win, then tactics, formations, home or away, none of that matters."

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