Premier League winter break talks ongoing, says Richard Scudamore

West Brom v Manchester City
A number of top-flight leagues in Europe currently have a winter break

Discussions are ongoing for the introduction of a winter break to English football, says Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore.

New England manager Sam Allardyce said a lack of mid-season break means there is an "enormous demand" on the players.

However, Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn says a winter break is not feasible until the end of the current television deal in 2019.

But Scudamore told Sky Sportsexternal-link there is "a willingness to make it happen".

He added: "Sam is very consistent, he has been calling for a winter break for a long time and we are not against it. We are in discussions but I don't know how close or far we are. I don't want to compromise those discussions.

"Even if the bodies come up with a solution, we will have to road test that with the clubs and fans but there is no timescale on it. If it was easy it would have been done already."

Arsenal's Emirates Stadium
Arsenal's Premier League game against Bolton in January 2010 was postponed because of heavy snow in London

Glenn says although the FA favour a mid-season break similar to the top divisions in Scotland, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, it is not possible until the £5.14bn TV deal ends in three years' time.

"There is a consensus that it would be a good thing to do," he said. "It would help the Premier League and us at international level if we could achieve that.

"We can do our bit about fixture congestion and that's why from the quarter-finals of the FA Cup this season we are not going to have replays."

The Premier League has announced the introduction of Premier League 2,external-link which replaces the current Under-21 league and will incorporate under-23 players, from the 2016-17 season.

Teams will be able to name three over-age outfield players and one over-age goalkeeper for each match.

The league will be split into two divisions, with teams being able to participate in the Premier League Cup, the Premier League International Cup and EFL Trophy.

The draw for the EFL Trophy - which consists of League One and League Two clubs, plus 16 category one academy sides - will be made on Wednesday.

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