Euro 2016: Roy Keane's surprise at reaction to joyful embrace with Martin O'Neill

Euro 2016: Roy Keane says he has been 'close to a lot of people' during career

Roy Keane has vowed to carry on hugging as the Republic of Ireland prepare for their Euro 2016 knockout game against France in Lyon on Sunday.

Republic assistant boss Keane, 44, was pictured in a memorable embrace with manager Martin O'Neill after Wednesday's dramatic win over Italy.

Keane insisted that he was surprised at the response to his post-match joy.

"It's just a bit silly that everyone seems to be making a big song and dance about it," said the Cork man.

"I'm always hugging people, just usually, there's not people around.

"I'm always hugging my dogs, but no one seems to bother about that. Family, friends...yes, you do.

"After the game, what are you going to do? Everyone was hugging each other, it was fantastic."

Robbie Brady's 86th-minute winner led to the emotional scenes in Lille, which included the managerial duo's warm embrace.

"You must have very, very little to write about, you must be very bored just to make a song and dance about that," added Keane, as he laughed off suggestions that he had shown uncharacteristic sentimentality.

"I don't think you can win. People either think you are too grumpy or you are too happy, I can't seem to find that line in between."

Keane is hoping to be handing out more celebratory hugs following Sunday's game against the hosts in Lyon.

"I'd like to think if we get a win against France, we'll be doing exactly the same."

Despite their warm embrace after Wednesday's game, Keane has agreed with O'Neill's pre-tournament assertion that the duo are "not that close".

"We don't keep in touch, we don't go for meals together, but we certainly have a good professional working relationship where we obviously have lots of respect for each other, and we both enjoyed the game."

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