Jose Mourinho: Four moments changed the game against Burnley

Mourinho silent on four key 'moments'

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho blamed four key moments for his side's failure to beat Burnley.

The Blues had Nemanja Matic sent off as they were held to a late 1-1 draw at home to Burnley.

Referring to notes in his post-match BBC interview, Mourinho said: "There are four moments of the game where you can write the story. Minutes 30, 33, 43 and 69. Don't ask me more questions.

"I can't go through the incidents. I am punished when I refer to them."

The key incidents:

30th minute - Ashley Barnes on Ivanovic

Burnley keeper Tom Heaton launches the ball forward and Barnes appears to catch Branislav Ivanovic with a knee to the back of his legs as the two challenge for a header. The Blues defender reacts furiously to the challenge but the referee does not award a free-kick.

Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic (left) was unhappy with Ashley Barnes' challenge
Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic (left) was unhappy with Ashley Barnes' challenge
Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer, former England captain
"I think Martin Atkinson's had a terrible game. Ashley Barnes goes up for the header with Ivanovic, he leads with his foot, and he's very fortunate. He kicks out, with studs into the back of Ivanovic's hamstring, and that should be a yellow card."

33rd minute - Handball penalty appeal

Ivanovic is at the centre of the action again. Juan Cuadrado pulls the back back for the Serbia defender and he strikes a first-time shot from the edge of the area which hits the raised arm of Michael Kightly, who is turning his back on the ball. Ivanovic claims handball but referee Martin Atkinson is unmoved.

Burnley midfielder Michael Kightly (left) and Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic
Burnley's Michael Kightly (left) escaped giving away a spot-kick after Ivanovic's shot hit his arm
Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer
"This is a blatant handball by Michael Kightly. Martin Atkinson is about 10 yards away and Ivanovic is seven or eight yards away. Kightly turns his back and sticks his arm out. That has to be a penalty. It's not as if he's gone to block it with his arms down. His arm's right out there. It has to be handball."

43rd minute - Costa penalty denied

Burnley defender Jason Shackell is dispossessed by Diego Costa and, in trying to make up for his mistake, the Clarets player appears to push the Chelsea striker. Costa falls to the ground but Atkinson again decides against awarding a spot-kick to the home side. Costa punches the ground in anger.

Chelsea striker Diego Costa was not happy when he was not awarded a penalty in the draw with Burnley
Chelsea striker Diego Costa showed his frustration when he was not awarded a penalty in the draw with Burnley
Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer
"Jason Shackell loses the ball and tries to make up for his error, but he catches Diego Costa and shoves him. He gets his legs caught up with Costa's. You can tell by Costa's reaction, by the way he slams the turf with his fists, what he thinks about it. It should be a penalty."

69th minute - Matic red card

The midfielder is dismissed for a reactive push on Barnes after a late tackle from the Burnley forward. Mourinho said: "What happened to Matic was in minute 69 and minute 69 had a big relationship with minute 30 because normally that player, if I can call him a player, should have been in the shower in minute 31.

"There wouldn't have been a minute 69 if the person in charge had dealt with minute 30 properly."

Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic clashes with the grounded Burnley forward Ashley Barnes
Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic clashes with grounded Burnley forward Barnes
Match of the Day pundit Alan Shearer
"This is an horrific tackle by Ashley Barnes, it really is. It's dangerous, it's naughty, it's a terrible tackle. I understand that reaction from Nemanja Matic. It's not right, but I understand it, because Ashley Barnes could easily have broken his leg there. It's a terrible tackle, and Matic, for that, is going to miss the League Cup final next week. Barnes doesn't even get a yellow card."

Former Chelsea winger Pat Nevin was critical of both Matic's reaction and the original challenge from Barnes.

He said: "You cannot react like that - and Chelsea players have done in the past. I think the tackle by Ashley Barnes deserves a substantial ban though. It was a vile challenge on Nemanja Matic.

"Potentially a leg-breaker."

Former England winger Chris Waddle speaking on BBC Radio 5 live:
"It's the worst challenge in football whenever anybody goes over the top. Even Gary Lineker or somebody like that would have reacted because it was a shocking challenge. I'm not saying Ashley Barnes deliberately did it but it was a leg-breaker.
"It's not in the rule book but basically we should analyse Nemanja Matic's response as a quick reaction. He's got to two when counting to 10, and any other player in the world would have done what he did."

Mourinho and 'the campaign'

In January Mourinho was fined £25,000 by the Football Association for comments claiming there is a "campaign" to influence referees' decisions against his Chelsea side.

Costa was then handed a three-game ban for stamping on Liverpool defender Emre Can, with Mourinho again blaming TV pundits for being part of 'a campaign.'

After the draw with Burnley, Mourinho said: "A couple of weeks ago when I was here in the press conference after the Liverpool game in the Capital One Cup, the television subtitles had gone on and on about Diego's 'crimes'.

"Well compare Diego's 'crimes' with what happened against Burnley.

"Have I seen a run of decisions like this? I don't remember. I'm happy that I'm not stupid and I understood everything a couple of months ago. I'm not in the mood to laugh."

The Burnley reaction

Ashley Barnes
Barnes (left) has scored five times in the Premier Leage this season

Burnley manager Sean Dyche defended his players and refused to be drawn by Mourinho's comments.

"I've only seen it as it happened. It looked like a coming together at an odd angle. Then Matic reacts in the way he did," Dyche said.

"I will look back at it again, but I haven't seen it since. But there's more to talk about than that because it was an excellent performance.

"Barnes was involved in something earlier in what sense? Playing football? A charge in the back? Is there anything else? The grass was too short?

"I have total respect for Jose Mourinho, his players and Chelsea. Fantastic manager, fantastic club."

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