Truro City avoid FA sanction after crowd trouble at Dunstable Town

Truro City FC chairman Peter Masters
Peter Masters took over the club shortly before it was about to be liquidated in December 2012

Truro City have avoided a Football Association sanction after some of their fans lit fireworks and invaded the boardroom during and after a game at Dunstable Town last month.

by chairman Peter Masters after the incident which followed

The FA, according to Truro, have told the club they will consider action if there is a repeat of the scenes.

It is illegal to bring in or let off any pyrotechnics in a football ground.external-link

Offenders are liable to a banning order and even a prison sentence if they are found to have breached those rules.

"(The FA) may have to consider disciplinary action against the club if further reports of spectator misconduct should be received and the Association reserves the right to refer to the current matter in such circumstances," the FA are quoted as saying in a statement released by the Southern Premier League Club.external-link

"Your club should look to impose lengthy club bans on the individuals concerned and publicise the bans which will hopefully send out a strong message and discourage other supporters from acting in such a way."

Masters added: "The club will now undertake a full review of its procedures at both home and away matches in line with the Football Association guidance and take the necessary action on the small number of supporters to ensure that such appalling behaviour is never again repeated."