Cardiff City: Malky Mackay and Vincent Tan need to talk - Blake

Vincent Tan and Malky Mackay

Ex-Cardiff City striker Nathan Blake says it is essential Vincent Tan and Malky Mackay hold talks to improve the situation at the club.

Mackay has said he will not resign as manager despite owner Tan criticising his recruitment hopes.

Tan is said to be "extremely upset" that Mackay had gone public with his desire to strengthen in January.

"If you want to solve the situation, solve the situation with dialogue," Blake said.

"When you look at the situation they've achieved a great deal in a short space of time together, Mr Tan and Malky.

"If neither party wants to talk or the other party doesn't want to come to the table and sort it out then it's obviously not going to get fixed.

"I wouldn't say it cannot be fixed but it's looking highly unlikely."

Mackay had said he was hoping to recruit three new players in the January transfer window.

Chief executive Simon Lim said in response that Tan felt Mackay had received sufficient funds to keep the club in the Premier League.

It is the latest setback in what has become a strained relationship between Malaysian businessman Tan and former Scotland defender Mackay.

In October Tan removed one of Mackay's closest allies, the club's head of recruitment Iain Moody, with Lim claiming that was because of a £15m overspend on transfers during the summer.

Blake, who was at Cardiff between 1990 and 1993, is disappointed the club's first Premier League season has been overshadowed by off the field issues.

"I don't think there was anything extraordinary about what he [Mackay] said trying to get players in," Blake added.

"It's just a normal routine, almost like a cliche, that managers will come out with this time of year saying they're going to try and strengthen.

"I don't think the reaction from the owner was quite deserved. It's his prerogative but I think that could have been kept in-house."