Steve Bruce hopes penalty decision does not cost Hull

Centre-half punched it in - Bruce

Hull boss Steve Bruce hoped his side's Premier League status would not be affected after they were denied a penalty in a 1-1 draw with Swansea.

The Tigers took the lead through Danny Graham with Chico Flores equalising.

But Bruce was displeased when Alex Bruce's header seemed to strike Dwight Tiendalli's arms in the second half.

"The boy has practically caught it, signed it and kicked it into the crowd," said Steve Bruce. "I just hope those decisions are not too costly."

Referee Martin Atkinson chose not to award the spot-kick to Hull, who moved up one place in the Premier League to 12th and are now five points above the relegation zone.

There were also suggestions from the Hull camp that Flores's goal struck the Swansea player's arm on its way in.

Steve Bruce claimed his side had already been wronged this season as they lost 1-0 to Tottenham thanks to a controversial late penalty which he called a "joke decision".

The Hull manager added: "Possibly, a draw was a fair result if we are being honest, but we would like to get a decision now and again.

"I don't think anybody in the ground has seen the centre-half [Flores] punch it in, so I can forgive that one. But at the other end, if that's not putting his hands up, why doesn't he let it hit his chest, he's practically caught the thing.

"We had a penalty given against us at Tottenham a month ago. So where is this grey area?

A draw is a fair result - Laudrup

"I thought if you put your hands up then it's supposed to be a penalty and if the player's arms are towards his chest and he practically catches it and puts it down on the floor, for me it's a penalty."

Alex Bruce said he asked Atkinson why his side was not awarded the spot-kick.

"I thought the lad got two hands on it to be honest, but Martin said 'where do you want him to put his hands?' I said, 'down by his side'," said Alex Bruce.

"I asked, 'If the one against Tottenham was a penalty, then this one was'. But he said he couldn't do much about this one."

Swansea boss Michael Laudrup added: "Our goal, I think it depends on where you have your hands, I think with Chico the ball is in here [into the body].

"But the other one the ball goes to hand for Tiendalli but again he's like this [hands against body], so you can argue it touches his hands, but it's one thing when the arms are [out wide] it's one thing when they are into his body."

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