Dunfermline: Steering group leave ball in Gavin Masterton's court

Dunfermline Athletic

The steering group trying to help stabilise Dunfermline Athletic's short-term financial future have announced they have "run out of options".

Monday is the HMRC deadline for the Pars to pay a tax bill of £134,000.

Steering group member Bob Garmony said: "We feel it is appropriate to advise the club owner Gavin Masterton that this is the position that we find ourself in.

"We have tried everything and run out of options."

Garmony was part of the Jim Leishman-led group trying to bring together potential investors to the club amid fears of the club going into administration.

Masterton is the First Division outfit's majority shareholder.

In a statement on Dunfermline's website, Garmony added: "We have always said we would not go to the fans and ask for their money if there was no certainty of the long-term viability.

"Therefore we now are advising the owner that the ball is in his court."

On the field, fourth-placed Pars lost 4-3 to Dumbarton on Saturday.

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