St Mirren takeover bid: Fans group awaits response to offer

Atkinson is leading the fans group
Atkinson is leading the fans group

The 10000hours group aiming to take St Mirren into fan ownership must wait to discover if their bid can succeed.

The community interest company had agreed to buy a 52% shareholding for £1.5m over three years.

But any potential purchase has been delayed due to uncertainty over revenue streams from next season's Scottish Premier League.

Both parties have therefore agreed to wait and see what happens with newco Rangers' application to join the SPL.

Members of the 10000hours group will be canvassed for their opinions on admitting a newco Rangers to the top flight and those thoughts will be passed on to the Paisley club's board.

The selling party is led by Buddies chairman Stewart Gilmour.

And a statement from St Mirren read: "The selling consortium are pleased at the level of support the St Mirren fans have given to the 10000hours bid and acknowledge that a fans' group that is now 1,000 members strong represents a very powerful voice within the football club.

"As such the board of the football club has agreed that such a wide supporter base provides a useful conduit to consult in relation to the NewCo debate which is currently the cause of much concern amongst the St Mirren support."

Richard Atkinson is fronting the fans' attempts to gain a majority shareholding.

A target of 750 pledges of £10 per month was surpassed but two other categories requiring significantly higher levels of funding had been lagging behind.

The other funding options were a one-off payment of £3,000 for what amounts to a lifetime membership and a fee of £25,000 to buy up a chunk of shares in the club.

"The response from the rank and file fans has been phenomenal," said Atkinson on Tuesday. "It has been well in excess of what we hoped for and it's still growing.

"Individual membership is sitting at about 140% of what we budgeted for.

"There are other interested parties at the moment.

"If we don't buy it, someone else will. That's what the chairman has said."